I Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im. Leona Kruczkowskiego

Our school was established 67 years ago. There are about 660 students aged 14 to 19 and 47 teachers in our school. The school offers excellent learning conditions for all the students, including the disabled ones. Effective work of qualified teachers, active methods, motivation of students and extracurricular activities guarantee our school high quality of teaching and prestige in our city and region.

Many of our students make excellent school results, take part in competitions of all kinds proving their skills and talent, our graduates get into good universities, home and abroad – and these are the most important indicators of quality of the school. Our students are open for the others’ needs and they willingly take part in different charitable activities, take care of the disabled, the elderly and people with special needs. Our students are totally open to new acquaintances and keen on new possibilities of cooperation. Our city is situated in the south part of Poland in the Silesian region where development of the industry led to an inflow of people from all parts of our country.

We would love to raise our students’ and local community’s awareness to the serious threats our Earth faces and the problem of climate change and teach them responsible ways to deal with them on an everyday basis. We think that the necessity of protecting the environment must be taught in schools from a very young age. Unfortunately, we consider that the current curricula cannot satisfy these demands.

This is why we are eager to take part in this project, because this is a great opportunity for students to learn and pass on valuable information on environmental issues. They can see for themselves when visiting other countries the efforts made towards environmental protection. Last year our students decided to carry out some social ecological project and they equipped all the school’s community with reusable bottles. Two years ago we also installed in our school „The source of water” from which students and teachers can drink pure drinkable water. But such projects are not sufficient and we want to take more action to prevent the serious consequences of climate change. We live in an industrial town which struggles with air pollution. In autumns and winters we have to cope with heavy smog, and we want our students to find solutions to this issue.

Multinational cooperation is an important issue of our school activity – we have participated in three Erasmus+ projects, two Comenius projects and one Socrates Comenius. Regarding key persons in the project, they have management experience and have already taken part in Erasmus+ projects: Agnieszka Gemborys – coordinator and English teacher; Joanna Wojtynek headmistress and financial responsible; Anna Łęszczak – Maths and IT teacher, evaluation responsible; Anna Mirowska – Chemistry teacher, implementation; Iwona Wrzos-Stefan – Geography and Biology teacher, implementation; Anna Zarmutek – English teacher, dissemination.

Website: http://kruczek.edu.pl/

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