Our school has approximately 1200 students and 55 teachers. The ages of students are from 13 to 17. We have social, scientific and mathematics courses for preparing our students for university. Our main aim is to promote education beyond the limits of the regular classes. Our students come from poor families mostly, as we are located in a poor area of Istanbul (over 30% of the students face economic difficulties). Because of this and because they lack opportunities, we try to offer students alternatives to develop healthily (football, volleyball, basketball teams), to explore their creativity (school band, art workshops, reading club) and also to spend their time in a useful way, concentrating their efforts on contributing to the development of society (Ecology club). 

However, the ecology club is not very active. It was opened five years ago and it now has 50 members, but we haven’t done too many things in the past two years. Some of the activities are a recycling campaign in the school, by which we taught students about the principles of recycling and we equipped the school with recycling bins. Some other activities included presentations about pollution and its effects on global warming that students made on several celebrations in the Ecology calendar.

We believe it is very important for us to reactivate this club and to make it organise activities and projects on a regular basis, in order to raise the awareness of the local community about the importance of respecting and caring for the environment. This is one of the most important reasons for us to be in the project. We want to observe and identify best practices, we want to work together with our European fellows on these topics and transfer these practices in our school.

At the same time, we also have two language classes so our first objective is to offer them as many authentic communication opportunities as possible. Some of these students are part of the Ecology club and, as such, we believe that a European project on this topic would be a very good chance for these students to develop their language skills and also improve their sociability and intercultural awareness.

The key persons involved: Kenan Gümüşsoy (contact person – English teacher, coordinator of the Ecology club), Jale Yamandır (Maths teacher, the second coordinator of the Ecology club), Murat Yağmur and Sevil Gümüşsoy (English teachers). The management team – Hüseyin Boyraz (principal) and Bünyamin Bağlık (vice-principal) will also be actively involved in the project – organisation of activities, monitoring, human resources and financial management. Other teachers will contribute to the project activities – IT, geography and science teachers.

We are a stable team of teachers in this school, but in case one of us leaves their position, we identified replacements in order to make the project run smoothly. We have had the experience of Erasmus+ projects before, so we can manage such programs without any problems.