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Respect and Care about the Earth

“…become active and responsible citizens and work towards the goal of leaving a safe and clean world for future generations…”


1st meeting in Sifnos!

After a whole year of suspension of the project activities due to covid 19, we finally managed to meet! The timetable we had made was overturned by the measures for the pandemic,  so, our first meeting, instead of Poland (Tychy) took place on the beautiful island of  Sifnos (Cyclades – Greece).

The topic in Sifnos was “Save water – save life” and all partners gave their best for the success of the meeting.

For the whole week (18-22 October 2021), students from all the partner schools shared beautiful experiences, learned new things, and let their imagination and creativity be presented in the pedagogical activities of the project. Οld friendships have been renewed and strong new ones have been created!

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The next meeting is scheduled to take place in Siena (Italy) in February 2022!

Our R.A.C.E. to Respect and Care about the Earth is in progress. Despite the harsh pandemic situation we managed to meet for the second time – this time in the heart of Tuscany, in a beautiful Italian town – Siena. Our short- term exchange took place on 7-11 February 2022 and was thoroughly devoted to the topic of renewable energy.

The week was full of interesting activities and was a great opportunity for discussing the benefits of clean sources of energy and learning about generating renewable energies. All the partners did their best to contribute for the success of the meeting and the hosting school rose to the challenge of organizing various field trips and other very educational workshops and activities.

Not only did we gain insight into how we could be more „eco” but we made new friends and renewed old friendships 😊 This week in Siena provided us with great experiences and unforgettable memories.
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The next meeting is scheduled to take place in Barcelona (Spain) in May 2022!

Green schools, green future

environmental values respected by everybody

3rd meeting

9-13 May 2022


My breath, my earth

air pollution, air quality

Go Green and keep it clean

recycling, littering, waste management

Environmental ethics

conclusions,creating a sustainability plan

iGo - Eco

Save the Earth, save a hope of life

“We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do”

a Race about the Earth!

Therefore, through this project, we want to raise students’ awareness about the environmental problems that are produced and perpetuated by humans that have negative long-term effects on our planet.

We want them to boost their ecological ego, become active and responsible citizens and work towards the goal of leaving a safe and clean world for future generations. We want to turn our schools into green schools in which environmental policies are implemented and respected by everybody. Last but not least, we want to make the project activities visible and multiply their effects, so as to set a model for our communities and determine other schools to take action in the field of ecology. In order to reach these goals, we have established this European partnership which involves 6 different European schools that will observe one another, learn together and from each other, analyze and draw conclusions about the differences between us in terms of environmental problems and ‘eco’ attitudes. We will place students in the center of all activities as we want to produce changes in them. By being an active part of all these, students will become more responsible and active in respecting and caring for the environment.

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Striving to be the first climate-neutral continent

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