iGo Eco


The main purpose of the project is to create a context for students and teachers from 6 European schools with different ‘eco’ backgrounds to share knowledge and practices related to environmental issues

I Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im. Leona Kruczkowskiego, Tychy

Our school was established 67 years ago. There are about 660 students aged 14 to 19 and 47 teachers in our school. The school offers excellent learning conditions for all the students, including the disabled ones. Effective work of qualified teachers, active methods, motivation of students and extracurricular activities guarantee our school high quality of teaching and prestige in our city and region.

Many of our students make excellent school results, take part in competitions of all kinds proving their skills and talent, our graduates get into good universities, home and abroad – and these are the most important indicators of quality of the school

Colegiul National "Vasile Alecsandri", Bacau

Our national college includes a number of 1200 students and offers lower-secondary (5th-8th grade) and upper-secondary (9th to 12th grade) education. The ages of our students range from 10 to 18. There are 92 members of the staff – 66 teachers and 26 non-teaching staff. 

The highschool students follow a variety of profiles that the school offers – philology, social sciences, science, mathematics-Computer science. We have 8 classes per level, a total of 32 classes. . 


Our school is located in Siena, in the centre of Italy. We have a section of general studies (Italian, Maths, English, History of Art, Physics) and a section with vocational studies (mechanics, energetics, information technology, chemistry, electronics and robotics, electrotechnics).

We are confident that such a project will interest, motivate and stimulate our students, and improve their learning experience in a wide range of subjects. It will also improve the motivation, engagement and social inclusion of all learners.

Sifnos’ High School “Nikolaos Promponas”

Sifnos’ High School is a general education secondary school situated in the central area of Sifnos, an island of the Cyclades. It is hosted by a heritage building which was built in the 1935s. The students’ ages range from 13 to 18 and the students involved in this project will be 14-17. We are a small school, with about 180 students and 22 teachers. Our students speak English very well and some of them also speak French or German.

More than 15% of them are migrants of second generation, mostly from Balkan countries. The students’ families are middle class, which is affected by the economic crisis. There are three classes of Gymnasium and three of Lyceum, all with a curriculum of general education. 

Institut Teresa Pàmies, Barcelona

Our high school is a state school in the centre of Barcelona, near the Sagrada Família. Our CSE students do Technology and Physics and Chemistry in English and we are doing some optional subjects like French as a SFL.

In addition, our students take some projects such as Theatre in English, Sustainable homes, creating book trailers among others. We also have a Welcoming class for students who have just arrived to our high school as well as a SIEI, which is an intensive support for inclusive education and plans for individual support.


Our school has approximately 1200 students and 55 teachers. The ages of students are from 13 to 17. We have social, scientific and mathematics courses for preparing our students for university.

Our main aim is to promote education beyond the limits of the regular classes. Our students come from poor families mostly, as we are located in a poor area of Istanbul (over 30% of the students face economic difficulties).

Because of this and because they lack opportunities, we try to offer students alternatives to develop healthily (football, volleyball, basketball teams), to explore their creativity (school band, art workshops, reading club) and also to spend their time in a useful way, concentrating their efforts on contributing to the development of society (Ecology club).